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Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a common expression in the “alternative” therapy culture. It has reference to the belief and teaching that within a person there is a bipolar (yin—yang) force/energy, and Physical and spiritual health depend upon proper continuous efficient flow of this force. There is a concept that spiritual/physical decline is a result of an insufficiency, imbalance, stagnation, or blocked flow of this force/energy.

This purported cosmic force, which has 100+ names, is believed to travel at seven levels of speed or frequency. The slowest level is said to be at the speed of light and from that level all creation had its origin. The first two levels above speed of light, levels that physical science cannot identify, are said to create 4 invisible subtle bodies super imposed over our visible physical body. Then the next 3 frequency levels support super consciousness and the seventh frequency level is related to the godhood of man.

These beliefs and teachings are not found in science and seem to be limited to the modern New Age, Neo-pagan, Progressive mindset. However, it is an ancient concept found primarily throughout the Eastern pantheistic worldview.

Various mental and physical acts have been devised that are believed to correct, alter and increase this cosmic force/frequency flow through one’s body. More commonly recognized energy influencing/balancing practices are Eastern style meditation, yoga and its exercises, acupuncture, qi gong, martial arts and many others. Most of the supposed healing subjects of this web site will have this hypothesized cosmic force as the core explanation for its power to heal.

Some of the common cosmic force synonyms are chi, prana, life force, vitalism, vibrational force, universal energy, universal mind, consciousness, essence, god, I AM, etc., etc.

By Edwin A. Noyes M.D., MPH