To the Network: 1-9-20 by Edwin Noyes M.D.

This article deals with the subject of Radionics, that of divination and energy manipulation aided by a machine. Royal Rife developed a machine in the 1930’s which he claimed as being able to cure cancer as well as other diseases. This machine since that time has been promoted by lay people. It has never been accepted by the medical community as they have not seen the results claimed. Many of you have never heard of it, however in every audience in the USA that I have given seminars exposing spiritualism in healing modalities I find people who either have this machine or have belief in such. I had a close relative who owned one and proclaimed its supposed merits.

The machine’s proponents claim it can diagnose as well as treat disease. The explanation for its proclaimed abilities is that all organs of the body have a certain “electro-magnetic vibration” and when the vibrations are in discord there is disease, which the machine can detect and then impart back a vibration into the body giving correction and return of health.

Additional teaching is that cancer is the result of an infection with either bacteria, virus, or a fungus. The machine is supposed to be able to kill all disease producing bacteria, virus, and fungus without adversely harming normal bacteria or body cells. An absurdity.

It is true that certain viruses are connected with initiation of cancer. Aflatoxin, a product of mold is a strong cancer initiator. When these products are present and induce a change of a cell into a cancer cell they do not stay around with the cancer. They are long gone and the cancer cell continues to multiply out of control. The idea is promoted that if a cancer tumor is present there are bacteria, virus, or fungus still there causing it to grow and if those organisms are eliminated the cancer will resolve and a cure is accomplished. Wishful thinking, but not true.

The concept of vibrations coming from all entities such as body organs, etc. comes from the pagan pantheistic story of origins. Wherein a great dualistic cosmic force came to a state of ONENESS and all creations occurred. The first aspect of creation was a vibration producing the sound of “OUM” and all created therefore omits a vibration peculiar to it alone. The neo-pagan’s wrongly attempt to tie this concept into quantum physics. It is just not there.

This article I am sending is by Genelle Pepple, a nurse who is an excellent researcher in the field of the occult. More articles by Genelle can be found on my web site just click on “read book” and there will open a page with a section with her articles.

The entire concept of this therapy is built upon accepting the teachings of pantheism.

Edwin Noyes