June 9, 2014

The following are comments by Edwin Noyes M.D. MPH, relating to ONDAMED, an instrument promoted for use in healing. After reviewing information presented by the advocates of the ONDAMED instrument, I will share my understanding of whether it fits into the field of modern science or in the paranormal or occult.

A text, ONDAMED, by wolf-Dieter Kessler MD, PhD is reviewed. This book is a major source of information on the instrument promoted as an advanced method of healing. Endorsements of the book by James Oschman, PhD, Bruce H. Lipton PhD, and Michael J. Perkins Ph.D. place the content of the book squarely into the subject of “energy medicine.” Energy medicine denotes a type of medical therapy established upon a pantheistic concept that the universe, earth, and man were formed by the balancing of a two sided energy— the original evolutionary theory. (To the Chinese this energy is “chi’” with “yin” and “yang” as the two divisions.)

    1. The belief in and use of the ONDAMED instrument depends upon accepting the pantheistic worldview of a universal energy as the REALITY of all that exists. Synonyms for this energy or force are many such as: chi’, prana, vitalism, animal magnetism, bio plasma, essence, life force energy, higher consciousness, even the blasphemous use of the term “I AM.” There are at least 100 synonyms for this perceived power.
    2. An additional concept in the pantheistic world view is that every substance animate and inanimate radiates and is surrounded by an “energy field” which is subject to influence by other energy fields. Each entity is said to have a specific frequency of electromagnetic force in their emitted energy field.
    3. In this world view, life came from the appropriate balance and flow of this energy, and if illness or disability is present the fundamental disorder is that the electro-magnetic frequency of an organ or system is off normal. The hypothesis is that not only does a person have a specific total body frequency, each organ or body system is said to have its own specific frequency. Illness signifies that there is an abnormal electromagnetic frequency in some organ or system and therapy necessitates correction of the abnormal frequency. The ONDAMED instrument is said to be able to detect in their infancy abnormal energy field frequencies and, in turn, correct such. Thus, claims are that by use of the ONDAMED instrument acute or chronic disease can be detected and dealt with earlier than conventional scientific medicine is able to do.

Modern science has not been able to demonstrate this believed in and promoted universal energy concept. No energy fields (auras) surrounding our bodies have been demonstrated. Those auras are seen only by “sensitives” or “specially endowed” individuals adhering to the pantheistic worldview.

In contrast to the above described cause of disease and body disorder is the definition given by E.G. white that “Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health. In cases of sickness, the cause should be ascertained. Unhealthful conditions should be changed, wrong habits corrected. The nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the system.” Ministry of Healing p. 127

The worldview of the Judeo-Christian is that the universe and man were created by the power of a living being, God. Man was placed under physical and spiritual laws and if followed result in health but when disregarded bring sickness. Present day science has studied the SDA members in various countries of the world and the evidence is that this concept and method of health care has resulted in a superior status of health and longevity.

The energy balancing approach as applied to health and sickness has not shown benefit. In fact those countries that practiced for millennia health care based on the concept that illness was an energy imbalance have a history of the worst health status in the world. For instance: China had an average life span of 35 years in 1949. They had been following the energy imbalance theory for millennia, but then they mad a change to dealing with health by applying an approach in harmony with the Judeo-Christian concept. They instituted hygienic practices of clean water, closed sewers, cleanliness, etc., and in fifty years their life span increased to 70.