Eastern style meditation springs from the concept that mankind’s origin came following a blending of a dualistic, divine, cosmic, non-being power/spirit/God into ONENESS, yet leaving the created in a dualistic state (yin—yang). Man’s life is taught to be a cycle of birth—death—rebirth (reincarnation). To break this cycle and to enter Nirvana/ spirit heaven at death, it is believed necessary to bring the dualistic cosmic power/essence, that is said to permeate through the body, to a ONENESS. Eastern style meditation, yoga, and/or yoga exercises are the pathway to this goal.

The Eastern beliefs that support experiences in meditation are based on a presumption of an inborn inner divinity awaiting discovery thru meditation. Belief in an inner divinity or immortal soul has served as a bridge for Eastern practices to cross into Christianity. Whilst eastern meditators claim to discover their “inner divinity”, similarly, scientists may meditate to discover their “God consciousness” (which they believe to be neural networks of God within), unbelievers meditate to discover their inner “true self” and Christians whether nominal, converted or unconverted have presumptuously adapted Eastern meditative practices as an authentic way to discover the “Holy Spirit”, their believed “inborn immortal soul” or the “image” of God within.

As Eastern meditation becomes universally popular, making its way into Christendom, selfhelp transformational movements, therapy for depression and stress, What belief does this lead to? The answer is found by tracing the historical trajectory of meditation and supporting beliefs thru Hinduism, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Greek philosophy, Gnosticism, Yoga, Zen, Yin Yang, Taoism and now, as it takes root in Christianity. The answer—“you are Devine/God.”