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    To present understanding of the origin and philosophy from which many popular healing disciplines arose, therapies often referred to as alternative and/or holistic.

    a. Are all alternative and holistic healing therapies medically sound?
    Are they spiritually safe? Answers are to be found within articles of website.

    Welcome to Health and Spirituality Research Network

    In January 2019 five individuals joined together to form this email network. What was their purpose in forming such? Each individual had been and was involved in exposing certain practices in health [read more]

    Web Site Objective:

    Over the last fifty plus years a variety of healing methods, once considered esoteric/occultic, have been embraced by our society and accepted by many of the medical community. Where did these new methods come from?  Did they arise out of scientific studies showing them to be based in known physical laws, and/or is there a spiritual thread woven within?

    When considering Integrative and Holistic methods of healing, to what extent do these methods rely upon psychology, power of suggestion, even the spiritual, or the placebo effect?

    Many of today’s popular healing and wellness practices sweeping through the West like a tsunami are but a combination of ancient Eastern therapies which incorporate Eastern spiritual and philosophical worldviews.

    This web site’s goal is to present information which reveals the origin of and foundational philosophy from which these popular systems of healing are derived.  Another question is asked: can the therapies be separated from the influence of their Eastern spiritual origins?

    The information within this web site, drawn from science, scripture, and history of effect makes it possible to form an informed decision as to whether to or not to utilize these therapies.  Also to answer the question: “Are they medically sound and spiritually safe?”

    Holistic Healing Therapies: Are They Medically Sound and Spiritually Safe??

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