Tuning Forks: There seems to be no end to the variety of methods, gadgets, instruments, etc., that the holistic healing movement hi-jacks in their quest to present themselves to the public. We are going to look at the simple tuning fork, an instrument used by the physician to check on hearing and vibrational sensation. I do not choose to go into much detail as to how this simple tool has been taken and applied to health and healing, with no collaboration to back it up.

As I read the promotional comments on those selling healing forks I copied down words which are pertinent to the pantheistic dogmas of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other Eastern disciplines. Words such as vibrational healing, chi sounds, meridian points, chakra clearing, harmonic sounds, pendulum use, grounding, Kundalini, alignment, energy movement, acupuncture, etc.

Words used to describe the healing forks supposed influence upon these proclaimed areas and practices. From a scientific view there is no evidence presented to back up any of their claims.

Tapping In: This expression refers to using two fingers to tap on the body. Tap on the chest, on the head or anywhere. It is proclaimed to influence the flow of cosmic power, chi, etc. within the body to effect benefit. Totally without evidence of any of its claims. I need say nothing further.

Edwin Noyes M.D.,MPH