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Gwen Shorter’s publishing company, Homeward Publishing Ministries; your revival and reformation bookstore since 1993 and your medical missionary resource center. Books Authored: Jewelry, The Spiritualism Connection (2008) pp.272 Feminism, Androgyny and Spiritualism, Precursors to Women's Ordination 2018, pp.53 Thy Nakedness, Lord What Shall I Wear? (1993) pp.275 Shorter's Health Manual (2001) pp.318 Final Call for [...]

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Light Shining in Darkness: Prelude to the Dragon Revealed


pp. 64 Author: Eric Wilson The true story of a family broken and the miracle of their restoration; of the secrets and dangers behind the Martial arts, Tai-chi, Yoga and Eastern mysticism…and of one man’s call out of the darkness, and into Christ’s marvelous Light. 1 single booklet -  $3.95 10 books - $29.50  [...]

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What’s Wrong with Acupuncture?


pp. 30 Author:  Yvonne Lewis, DIPL.OM (RET), Tells her story of earning her living as a practicing acupuncturist.  Then she learned of the astrological foundation and connection with acupuncture. She promptly stopped the practice and God promptly supplied other better employment. To Secure: Call 3-ABN TV and request free booklet   Ph.  1-800—752-3226 This booklet [...]

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The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change You?


(2015)  pp. 265 Authors:  Miguel Farias Ph.D. Psychology;  Catherine Wikholm M.A. Forensic Psychology Two researchers in psychology in UK set out to write a book documenting the scientific evidence of the value of Eastern style meditation and yoga.  There was no evidence to be found in quality science studies.  In fact they found evidence to [...]

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Can You Trust Your Doctor?


(1991)  pp. 445 Authors:  John Ankerberg & John Weld Dedication:  “To Dr. William T. Jarvis, professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Loma Linda University Medical School; President, National Council Against Health Fraud, for his commitment to medical integrity and patient care.” Purchase:  Amazon

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Dowsing: An Expose’ of Hidden Occult Forces


(1984) pp. 210 Author:  Ben G. Hester This is a story of three men pursuing an eight year study to find the truth behind water witching.  One man, Ben Hester was an ardent believer in witching being in the field of science, the other two, no.  Conclusion by Ben Hester after eight years research that [...]

Dowsing: An Expose’ of Hidden Occult Forces2020-10-23T17:16:54-07:00

America: The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice


(1998) pp. 294 + Authors:  Dave Hunt & T.A. Mahon “Is America at the threshold of a glorious New Age of enlightenment, peace, brotherhood?” Or “Have we as Americans in our search for higher levels of human potential opened a spiritual Pandora’s box?” Purchase:  Amazon

America: The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice2020-10-23T17:13:31-07:00

Deceived by the New Age: The Story of a New Age Priest


(1990) pp. 219 Author:  Alexander Will Baron Translated into 10 languages The story of Will’s journey into the Occult wherein he communicated regularly with a “Jesus Christ” until he realized it was not the “True Jesus Christ” but a demon. Purchase book:  Adventist Book Center  Ph. 503-850-3300;  Amazon

Deceived by the New Age: The Story of a New Age Priest2020-10-23T17:06:23-07:00

Christians Beware! The Dangers of Secular Psychology


(2007) PP. 84 Author: Magna Parks-Porterfield Ph.D. Psychology A story of Doctor Magna utilizing a secular psychology style therapy to a Bible based approach. Additional Books Authored: “Christians, Beware: The Dangers of Secular Psychology” “Treating Depression Naturally” “Keys to Optimal Mental Health” (All can be obtained through website: OR through Amazon) [...]

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