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Alguna vez que has preguntado sobre estas alternativas de curacion?

Las mentiras dichas en el Jard n del Ed n, “No morir s” y “Ser’s Sabio como Dios,” (Ser’s Dios), son los pilares de la adoraci n al paganismo y la naturaleza. Muchos proclaman que de esta religi n han evolucionado todos estos m todos de curacion. Son una extensi n de la doctrina pagana, y no una modalidad de curacion simplemente descubierta y usada por los paganos. las practicas curativas son el “brazo derecho” para el evangelismo en el movimiento de la nueva era -Neopagana.

El sistema de salud y curacion de Dios es una parte integral de santificaci n en la restauraci n del hombre para que pueda reflejar la imagen de Dios su creador. El Diablo, atreves de enga os, ofrece este sistema de salud enga oso para enredar al hombre y as recibir el honor y la adoraci n que solo se merece Jesucristo en hijo de Dios. Hoy en d a existen muchos quienes est n mas interesados en la “salud a todo precio que la voluntad de Dios a todo precio.”

Este libro expone los terribles peligros espirituales que trae el movimiento de la nueva era de la salud hol stica, la cual combina remedios de curacion validos con las artes de la curacion m stica. Se dan ideas de valor sobre las trampas paranormales desde una perspectiva cristiana.

El Dr. Noyes, Se gradu de la Universidad de Loma Linda en el a o 1959, Se jubilo en el a o 2000 despu’s de 40 anos de servicio como medico general en la ciudad de Grove, Oregon. Sirvi en la Arma Americana de 1967-1969 y es un veterano de Vietnam. Despu’s en el a o 1971 el y su esposa Emma participaron en una misi n corta en un hospital en Phuket, Tailandia. Recibi un postgrado en Salud Publica en la Universidad de Loma Linda en el a o 1979. Los intereses especiales del Dr. Noyes desde hace 40 a os ha sido la medicina preventiva y la nutrici n. Ha estado activo en el evangelismo medico, y adem’s conduce seminarios de educaci n para ministros, educadores de la salud y profesionales de la salud en el este de Europa y otros pa ses.

(2018) pp. 550+ First Edition, third printing
Author: Edwin A. Noyes M.D., MPH


Proclaimed healing therapies, with origin out of pagan pantheistic doctrine and lacking a history of benefit to the civilizations from which they come, have swept across the West like a tsunami in the past 40-45 years. The book Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing by Edwin A. Noyes M.D., answers the questions asked; are they medically sound and spiritually safe?

In 1980 a book The Aquarian Conspiracy, by Marilyn Ferguson, made its debut upon the American scene. It quickly became a hit, especially with a special group of people with similar beliefs and worldview. She observed a change, a transformation taking place in the core belief system of many people. This change was occurring in individuals and in society at large. It was slow at first, starting in the 60’s but picked up momentum in an accelerating manner with each decade. This change was seen in medicine, education, social sciences, hard science, and even the government. This change appeared to follow the aftermath of the social activism of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and was moving toward a “historical synthesis,” i.e.,,, a social transformation coming from a personal transformation—a “heart change,” then forming into a worldwide society change.

What is changing in individuals and society as a whole? Answer: a change in a person’s core belief systemone’s worldview! Such as: Where did we come from? What are we doing here? What is the future? A change from a Western worldview formed mostly from Judeo-Christian concepts of our origin, purpose, and destiny, toward an Eastern pantheistic/panentheistic perspective of “divinity within”— “the godhood of man.”

Ferguson proceeded to bring out into the open the methods by which transformation within an individual is initiated, then more fully developed. Health and healing is a dominant avenue, and a vast array of techniques has been developed to “heal body, mind, and spirit.” The Christian believes that choosing to follow the Eastern pantheistic pathway separates him from his Savior, Jesus Christ the Divine Son of God. Pantheistic healing techniques are presented with an exceedingly deceptive philosophy and explanation as to how they are believed to effect healing. The Christian believes that to accept Satan’s counterfeit healing modalities gives to him homage and worship.

The Eastern core concept is that the creation of the cosmos, earth and life/mankind came about from perfect blending of a two sided cosmic energy and that illness is simply an imbalance of this force/energy. Healing is facilitated by rebalancing energy and the supposed healing properties of the variety of methods practiced for healing are said to be “energy balancing.”

The more common and popular healing therapies presented and discussed in the book come from the ancient Indian healing tradition, Chinese traditional medicine, and Western occultism. Such therapies as Eastern meditation, yoga, yoga exercises, acupuncture, hypnotism, reflexology, iridology, etc., and many forms of divination,

The purpose of this book is to present information which facilitates making an intelligent choice as to whether or not the reader would choose to participate in a particular healing therapy. Many different methods of healing are promoted as being of true value, but are founded on pagan doctrines originating from a counterfeit of the Biblical story of creation. This book further explains why these different therapies that carry occult or pagan principles in the explanation as to their power to heal, cannot be separated from their spiritual attachment to such religions.

For thousands of years China dealt with disease from the concept that an imbalance of cosmic energy was its source. In 1949 a baby born in China could expect a life span of 35 years on average. A change in approach to illness was instituted. Hygienic principles were instituted, pure water, closed sewers, immunization, control of vectors for parasitic disease were established across the country. By the year 2000 a new born could expect 70 years of life. Yet, with no history or scientific evidence of energy balancing techniques as applied for health reasons being of any true physiologic value, these modalities have swept through the West like a tsunami.

The word spiritualism as presented throughout this text is defined much more widely than the act of communication with the deceased. Its base definition comes from the statement made by the serpent in the Garden “you will become wise like God,” actually become a god, a concept that mankind possesses divinity within throughout life, and progresses toward “godhood.” Also that by various physical and mental methods of “manipulating the divine within” healing is believed to be effected.

Some of the therapeutic methods are of ancient origin and are only new to us. The concern I present in this text has more to do with the spiritual danger imposed from accepting and using those techniques than from a strictly medical concern. In short, it is my contention that participating in such therapies is unconsciously accepting the concepts promoted in the explanation for the power behind their proclaimed healing capabilities and might well separate us from eternal life.

Edwin A. Noyes M.D. MPH

Table of Contents:

CHAPTER 1 – Winds of Change.
CHAPTER 2 – Two Great Spiritualistic Deceptions.
CHAPTER 3 – The Story of the Seventh-Day Adventist Health Message.
CHAPTER 4 – Babylonian Spiritualistic Mysteries in Health and Healing From Eden to Babylon.
CHAPTER 5 – Universal Energy.
CHAPTER 6 – Babylonian Spiritualistic Mysteries in the Christian Civilization.
CHAPTER 7 – Meditation—Ayurveda the Ancient Healing Tradition of India- Part I
CHAPTER 8 – Yoga—Yoga Exercises—Cleansing Ayurveda the Ancient Healing Tradition of India – Part II
CHAPTER 9 – Visualization—Guided Imagery.
CHAPTER 10 – Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine.
CHAPTER 11 – Reflexology and Other Energy-Balancing Therapies.
CHAPTER 12 – Reiki—Craniosacral Therapies.
CHAPTER 13 – “Mystical Herbology”.
CHAPTER 14 – Crystal Healing, Talismans, Amulets.
CHAPTER 15 – Homeopathy.
CHAPTER 16 – Divination as a Diagnostic Tool
CHAPTER 17 – Those Who Practice Magic Arts.
CHAPTER 18 – Hypnosis. Error!
CHAPTER 19 – Biofeedback. Error!
CHAPTER 20 – Secular Psychology “Science of the Soul?” Part I
CHAPTER 21 – Secular Psychology “Science of the Soul”? Part II
CHAPTER 22 – Mindfulness—Meditation— Buddhism..
CHAPTER 23 – 12 Steps — To Where? Part I
CHAPTER 24 – 12 Steps To Where? Part II
CHAPTER 25 – Recovery in the Underground Oasis.
CHAPTER 26 – Babylonian Spiritualistic Mysteries–Compatible with the Atonement?.
Appendix A – Ellen G. White.
Appendix B – Bible texts relating to spiritualism..
Appendix D – Divining for Water Error!
Appendix E – The New Age Movement and Seventh-day Adventists.
Appendix F – (2009) General Conference Institution Manual Guide lines.
Appendix G – A Physician Explains Drugs, Herbs, and Natural Remedies.
Appendix H – Satan’s Ground. Error!
Appendix I – Colon Cleansing and Other “Detoxification” Methods.
Appendix J – Counterfeit Medicine.
Appendix K – Characteristics of Modern Spiritualism..
Appendix L – How Can I Tell Good From Bad?.
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