(2007)  PP. 270
Author:  Edwin A. Noyes M.D., MPH



  1. Winds of Change
  2. Two Great Spiritualistic Deceptions
  3. The Story of the Seventh-day Adventist Health Message
  4. Babylonian Mysteries in Health and Healing
  5. Babylonian Mysteries in the Christian Civilization
  6. Universal Energy
  7. Yoga–Meditation–Ayurveda–the Ancient Healing Tradition of India
  8. Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine
  9. Reflexology and Other and Energy-Balancing Therapies
  10. Homeopathy
  11. Divination as a Diagnostic Tool
  12. Hypnosis
  13. Biofeedback
  14. Those Who Practice Magic Arts
  15. Babylonian Mysteries–Compatible with the Atonement?

Appendix A–Divining for Water
Appendix B–Bible Texts Relating to Spiritualism
Appendix C–A Critique of–Vibrational Medicine, The #1 Handbook of  Subtle Energy Therapies, by Richard Gerber M.D.



  1. This book by reason of its rational approach to modern practices, fills a much-needed niche…It’s a call to logic and rational thought.”
    —Allan R. Handysides, M.B., ChB.
    Director of Health Ministries, General Conference of SDA
  2. “…Dr. Noyes’ many years of research gives the reader a rich historical perspective on the roots and connections between ancient pagan religions and these current treatment modalities that are leading many innocent people into Satan’s traps…This is a must read for all Christians.”
    —Fred Hardinge, Dr PH, RD,  Health Educator
  3. “…In his eye-opening book, Dr. Edwin Noyes careful and professionally exposes the terrible danger posed by the New Age holistic health movement…watch out that no one deceives you.”
    —Will Baron, author of Deceived By The New Age
  4. “This fascinating book provides invaluable information that many need to be aware of.  It is original, perceptive and rational, giving valuable insight into the traps of the paranormal from a Christian perspective…Read this book!”
    —Ariel A. Roth  PhD. Retired Director, Geoscience Research Institute
    and editor of ORIGINS journal


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