February 14, 2019

Dispatch # 1

Greetings to the Health and Spirituality Research Network,

This is the first dispatch to be sent out to the Network. As of now 65 individuals have joined and more come in daily. Do not forget to invite others that you feel might desire and/or benefit from being a part of the network. If each of us were to invite two individuals and then they in turn do the same we would eventually reach our goal of sharing the warnings of the Devil’s deceptions in health and healing to the church body.

The purpose and goal of the Network is to facilitate making known the web sites, DVDs, YouTube videos, and available presenters of seminars that reveal the spiritualistic deceptions in health and healing that has entered the Church. To do this we need hundreds, then thousands of members in the network. It is our hope to eventually have one web site that will contain all the addresses and links of combined information.

You may wish to form a folder just for the information that will be forthcoming from the Network. Eric Wilson a core team member of the Health and Spirituality Research Network, working with Pastor Steven Bohr’s Secrets Unsealed of Fresno, California has recently prepared a nine lecture series, see below

The Alpha and the Omega: The Final Deception of Spiritualism

Enchanted Ground . . . Pantheism and the Roots of that Tree ?

Enchanted Ground . . . Pantheism and the Roots of that Tree ?

The Mystery of Iniquity . . . Spiritualism in Our Modern World

The Serpent’s Whisper . . . and the Shadow of Doubt

Echoes of Eden . . . “Ye Shall be as gods”

Ichabod . . . The Glory is Departed !

A King Shall Reign . . . Rebuilding the Temple of God !

Stones of Fire . . . Sons and Daughters of the Living God

Mystery Unveiled . . . The Omega of a Most Startling Nature !

Edwin Noyes M.D., Coordinator