An Open Letter about Royal Rife and the Rife Machine
by Genelle Pepple

Below is a modified letter I wrote to a friend whose name I will not disclose. I share this because of the importance of my findings in regard to Royal rife and his Rife Machine. It is my hope that others who read this will better understand that while many practices appear to be spiritually safe and grounded in science, Satan has worked diligently to blur the facts and confuse minds as to his methods. It is my belief that Royal Rife and the Rife machine are one example of a healing method that has dubious underpinnings that are typically hidden from view. Please read below to see why I say this.

Dear _______,

After several people I know (you, being one of them) have talked to me about the Rife machine…I decided to study up on it a bit. Below, I have tried to write what I learned in an easy-to-read format, so here we go.

In researching Rife, multiple websites classified it in the field of “Energetic Medicine / Energy Medicine,” where practitioners are working with the flow of (Chi, Qi, Prana) energy as a medium for healing. Now, I recognize that the typical explanation you get on how Rife works does not talk about Chi or Qi energy as having anything to do with how it works. I understand that Rife uses pulsed, variable electro-magnetic frequencies, transmitted to the cells, to induce resonant vibration to destroy pathogens.

What I typically see is something similar to the statement below:

Rife machine – The beginning of frequency treatment in energetic medicine

“The Rife machine was developed by Dr. Royal R. Rife in the 1930s. The Rife machine uses a variable frequency, pulsed radio transmitter to produce mechanical resonance within the cells of the physical body (James E. Bare D.C.). The Rife machine was, in its time, a pioneering front-runner for what today is the basis of energetic medicine.

Royal Rife discovered he could use specific electro-magnetic frequencies to kill a bacteria or virus without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. The Rife machine utilizes the law of resonance (the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates) and produces possible health benefits for varied diseases, both chronic and infectious. Though the first Rife machines were used on diseases such as tuberculosis, arthritis, and ulcers, its more commonly known for its use on cancer, described by authors such as Barry Lynes, as ‘the cancer cure that worked’.”

How Rife works

“Rife machines work on the principle of sympathetic resonance, which states that if there are two similar objects and one of them is vibrating, the other will begin to vibrate as well, even if they are not touching. In the same way that a sound wave can induce resonance in a crystal glass and ultra-sound can be used to destroy gall-stones, Dr. Rife’s instrument uses *sympathetic resonance to physically vibrate the cells of the parasite resulting in possible elimination.”

*Sympathetic resonance is a harmonic phenomenon wherein a formerly passive string or vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness.

Vibration between two objects can be seen in everyday life, from a tuning fork to a guitar string. The destructive capabilities of resonance have been widely demonstrated, for example when an opera singer hits a particular note and breaks a glass. In this instance the musical tone sets the glass in motion, and as the motion builds the glass shatters. The pulsed wave used in the Rife system produces a mechanical vibration, whereby the low amplitude input leads to a large amplitude vibration in the target. If the induced resonant vibration is intense enough, the target cell, tissue, or molecule will be destroyed.”

So the question that came to mind is — “Is this truly how Rife works?” Let me at share what I found and please try to keep an open mind. Most explanations of Rife try to connect it with known vibrations like tuning forks and the pitch of your voice, but I came across a very interesting E-book that said Rife goes beyond the known resonance principles and EMF (electromagnetic frequencies). I’ll share that in a minute.

First, let’s openly recognize that Rife was considered the “pioneering front-runner for what today is the basis of energetic medicine”. Why is that significant? Because (as a general rule) the field of “energetic medicine” operates off a basic principle of belief that is NOT biblically based, but rather is in harmony with spiritualism and what the occult and eastern religions teach. It is the concept that there is energy (universal energy), which goes beyond known laws of conventional physics and chemistry. As you already know, this energy (in the occult world) is synonymous with “vibrations, frequencies, and subtle energies that cannot be seen,” but can be felt, guided, manipulated, or regulated by a skilled practitioner for healing.

Now please bear with me, I know you’ve probably heard this all before, but just follow me on this. The occult world believes the universe has a force behind all creation, which is called my many names, but which are all referring to the same thing: universal energy, the vibration of the universe, Chi, Qi, Prana, your (energy) vibration, chakra, aura, or life-force. All these terms are talking about a metaphysical attribute that cannot be detected by physical means, but which is a spiritualistic concept and (in reality, a pantheistic view) about the essence of man’s being. If one accepts even a sliver of this concept as being true, they have crossed over into Eastern thought…spiritualistic thought…because this concept is the entire basis of spiritualism. This belief opens one to further deceptions. Would you agree with that?

Let me share a story of what recently happened to me in regard to “Rife”. In the past, I have talked with you a little about Rife. In the last 6 months, I received an email from a family member giving me a website to check out on Rife. My mother, who is now (sadly) deep into New Age belief (reading the likes of Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, the Ascended Masters, channeled messages, gurus, etc.) called me a few months back asking about “Rife”. She had come across it and was excited about it as an alternative way of healing that had lots of potential. So, here is what happened.

A couple months ago I had a conversation with an Adventist man whom I had asked, during the course of our conversation, whether he’d ever heard of Rife. He told me, “Yes,” he had studied it a little and concluded it was not a therapy he would advocate. He told me something he’d found in his own research. I wrote it down, but lost track of where I’d placed my note. Then, I talked with you, who had been using the Rife machine for about a year, and who was getting amazing results. So I wondered: “should we use it, or should we not?” I now had two different opinions to consider. I looked all over my house for my note from the man who said he would not advocate it, but couldn’t fine it.

Then, on Friday (Jan 24th), my mother calls me out of the blue, from work, and explains how she has a friend whose daughter has mesothelioma. She wanted to know the name of “that machine” we’d talked about that can help heal cancer. I said: “do you mean the Rife machine?” She immediately said, “YES! That’s the one. Thank you so much. I need to tell my friend.” Well, I hadn’t meant to advocate it, not knowing much about it, and knowing I had a “note” somewhere in my house that said something questionable about it. Of course, I also had the info that it works great, as you have testified. But that was that. Mom was off and running. So, later that same day, I had a conversation with XXXX. During that conversation I mentioned to her that I was bothered by the call my mother had made to me because I really didn’t know much about Rife and she (mom) thought I was endorsing it. XXX’s response was: “Did you say Rife?” My sister just called me and was telling me I needed to look into Rife. Her friend is driving long distances in England for treatment and says it is working. She’s very excited about it and wants me to look into it, too. Given this turn of events, I was profoundly struck with the fact that I had to understand what it was —sooner than later.

I said to myself, “I’ve got to find my note on this! This cannot be coincidence that I’ve had three conversations in less than a few weeks with friends and family using or looking into Rife.” So, I said a prayer, went into my office, and in less than 30 seconds had the Adventist man’s “note” in hand. All I had written down from my conversation with that man was: “Dr. Rife was a clairvoyant.” Hmmmm. That’s why I had a flag in my mind about it! I proceeded to do some research on-line to try and find out validate whether his comment was really true, knowing that you can’t take everything you hear as being correct.

So, I said another prayer and got on-line. I typed in a very simple question related to Rife being clairvoyant. Immediately, I had a web page before me that was “Chapter 2 Summary” on Royal Rife, his life, and work. Great! That’s just what I was looking for. A history of who he was, and how he developed his machine.

But I was’t prepared for what I found. It is worth mentioning that at the time I was reading this background info on Dr. Royal Rife, I had NO IDEA who had written it, or why. I just assumed it was the standard explanation one would find from supporters of Rife Therapy. It was obvious that the writer approved of Rife and his work.

Well, as I continued to read, I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the way in which things were being said. It had a spiritualistic tone. But, at this juncture I had already read the main points made about Dr. Rife, his machine, and how he came to develop it. What I was reading was not disparaging about Rife. It was written in the positive, celebrating who he was and what he contributed. But what I was finding was alarming. I wondered “who else” was in this E-book and what was the purpose it was even written? So, I went to the Table of Contents to see what the other chapters in the book were about and readily saw one on “Edgar Cayce” (sleeping prophet, the father of holistic medicine, and the most documented psychic of the 20th century) and “Wilhelm Reich” (psychoanalyst who studied hypnosis under Freud; found/believed there was “a [cosmic] energetic connection that is shared by all living beings” and contributed to Fritz Perl’s Gestalt Therapy). Other’s featured in the book included Dr. James Porter Mills (who wrote on the mind’s silent partner;

the science of self-consciousness), Dr. Seymore Weiss & his relationship with Edgar Cayce, etc. At this point, I could see the “company you keep” within the book was not good.

I then read the “Editor’s note” to gain an understanding of why the book was written and was clearly shaken. It stated the entire book had been written (in 1993) by entities, via channeling to a man who recorded the sessions then wrote it all down. That man was a well-known psychic who was noted for going into deep trance and channeling spirits. The chapter I had just read about Dr. Rife (only the main highlights since I was not reading every line) was actually dictated by an entity who said they were Rife, himself. Oh my! I exited that web page immediately.

But here is what I feel is important. The bottom line of what was stated (by the entity) was:

  1. “Dr. Rife was a clairvoyant”. “This was indoctrinated in him when he was a child”.
  2. And also a statement about why Royal Rife studied medicine:He wanted to further the meaning and understanding of life beyond the normal and scientific approaches”. “He wanted to give humanity more self-realization”.
  3. It went on to say he found his clairvoyance “could see beyond what the microscope could see”. He was able to see (what the entity called) the specific force of all creation—vibration. This was referred to as “the aura around the cell, the chakra or unseen energy field surrounding the cell. The vibration/energy of the cell as expressed in its aura.”The “vibration” referred to was synonymous with energetic force fields not accepted (or validated) by the laws of conventional physics and chemistry. He was talking about frequencies above the first level or plane of universal energy. In esoteric, eastern thought, the highest plane of universal energy is the 7th plane, where immortality or self-realization takes place. This is what the entity said Rife was seeing, initially, and what he based his work on.
  4. The entity said that:Dr. Rife “proceeded to change the vibratory rate, which led to the development of his machine.” He “studied the aura of the cell” (via his clairvoyance) and was able to “see the complete color spectrum of the cell” — its “energy.” “He saw the color swirls, called chakras, surrounding each cell, which the microscope could not see.”

Have you ever heard this? You could discount it by saying: “an entity” said it, not a research article or a close friend of Rife. But why would an entity want to communicate this? He was not trying to disparage Rife. He was talking to those who are already in the occult world and was giving credence to Dr. Rife and his work by basically providing more information and support for Rife. He said he was sent by his leader to convey this message about Rife and his work. He said his purpose was to “reinforce the harmonization in regards to the specifics of the body cell.” I believe he was on a mission to deceive and reinforce the deception that was already put forth — that our cells have “energy” and our bodies have “an innate ability to heal themselves.” This is not through normal physiologic mechanisms that God put within us like how a cut heals. It is healing through a spiritualistic concept of having some kind of Divine power within that guides/knows how to heal the body.

Don’t miss this! It is huge. It is the whole underpinning of energetic medicine and all the spiritualistic healing that is going on in today’s world. Many are teaching that your cells have thought & memory. That physical or mental trauma & injury is retained in the cells and causes disease unless it is released or dealt with in some way by a skilled practitioner. Many are teaching about (unseen) frequencies in the body, vibrations (from the cells), and subtle energies in the body that a practitioner can guide, utilize, or manipulate in some way for healing. The true, scientific understanding about the “specifics of the body cell” have now been twisted to reflect a spiritualistic view of how our cells work, which many people now accept as fact.

That entity knew exactly what he was doing. He was on a mission to deceive and he wanted his audience to echo these spiritualistic teachings to everyone they come in contact with. To clarify this further, I don’t believe the entity was trying to deceive in regards to Rife, himself. I think Rife was already in the deceiver’s camp; he was not someone under the protection of God who was developing his science through the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I think another spirit was leading him. I’ll back this up in just a minute.

There were two specific reasons outlined in the book (by the entities) as to WHY it was written. Here is what they were commanded to do:

  1. To “convey that man holds within himself the spark of godliness.”
  2. To convey “That man has the power to have dominion over his body and to choose health or disease.”

That’s all of it summed up into two main principles. If we accept any part of either of these principles, we have accepted a false doctrine, right? An entity is the one who clearly articulated these two ideas, not me. They are lynch pins for spiritualism. To accept either one (or its offspring) is dangerous ground.

Any healing method which gives you “dominion over your body for healing,” is not God’s way! It does not rely on God, but self. It is the way which evil spirits advocate and teach. This may be tough to swallow because I, like you, feel there is a certain amount of brain power God gave us to use. There are scientific facts we understand. We know our cells use electrical signals to communicate. We know electromagnetic frequencies & fields (EMF) are all around us and that they DO affect our bodies. We know electrical and magnetic energy does exist in the human body; modern medicine operates off this principle with its use of EEGs, EKGs, MRIs, and TENS units. But, the lines can get blurry. I believe Satan has masterfully blurred the line between the scientific understanding of how cells work and how HE says they work. It is easy to cross over the line of known science when we start working with the “energy” concepts of the cell because he has brought in a false doctrine about the “energy” of the cell.

Cells having thought and memory, subtle frequencies, auras, vibrational medicine (in context of the New Age), universal/subtle energy that can be harnessed, guided, or utilized in some way for healing — are all in the realm of pseudoscience that Satan is bombarding us with in the present day. It all ties in with accepting what the entity stated his mission was: to “reinforce the harmonization in regards to the specifics of the body cell.” At its core level, it is actually dealing with universal energy, Chi, Qi, and Prana. Can you see this? I pray you will strongly ponder this.

The early work of Dr. Albert Abrams and Radionics was focused on “healing underlying imbalances” of diseased tissues. I have looked this up on dozens of websites and consistently find that Abrams was referring to “universal energy” when he talked about healing the “underlying imbalance of diseased tissues”. He was working with the flip side of measurable energy. He was working with “supposed energy fields or biofields which contend that humans are infused with a subtle energy that flows throughout the body”. This is universal energy! This is the false doctrine about body energy. Radionics began on this premise. Rife’s work was the offspring of radionics. Rife’s machine is also found, over and over, to be in the same class of healing devices. Royal Rife is embraced by, classified with, and listed as a practitioner in the Energetic Medicine field — the field of energy medicine that is working with—“subtle energy,” universal energy. While his work may sound like modern medicine, the roots of it go way back. And this is consistent with what the entity said.

In regard to the premise of how Rife’s frequencies selectively target pathogens, yet no known science can prove this, I CAN accept the simple fact that an entity said Rife’s work “went beyond the normal and scientific approaches,” and that: “he saw the energy and aura, vibrational field, and chakra around the cell.” Rife saw the energetic part of the cell that Satan is using to dupe many people today. This alone, is cause for me to take a few steps back from Rife and question it.

Is it possible that the Rife machine caters to what the entity talked about — that we can have dominion over our bodies for healing? That we can take some kind of control, or play some kind of part in healing our bodies vs. a reliance on God and His strength, His simple laws of health, His simple remedies? Is it possible Rife is in-line with the demonic approach of appealing to self by making you think you have “advanced knowledge” beyond what most people understand and know about? Is it possible Rife’s technology IS in line with greater “self-realization” (as the entity said Rife’s goal was), and instills the idea that YOU are able to influence and bring about—healing? If so, you’ve been duped.

In the case of Rife, his vibrational medicine is connected with New Age, energetic medicine. There are countless clairvoyants, psychics, chakra balancers, spiritual healers, and many other occult practitioners who all resonate with Rife. They all advocate his machine. They all applaud his work, who he was, and what he contributed to the field. Why is Rife front and center with so many in this crowd?

Please consider this statement found on a Christian website, not EGW:

“If Christians find out that there is some spiritual involvement at the roots (of a healing practice) they should avoid it altogether unless the method or medicine itself is totally divorced from its esoteric foundation. Further, they should also examine the fruit. This is not always easy to discern. If there is even a faint form of deception, fraud, unusual claims for diagnosis or treatment, or a financial situation that requires burdensome commitments, Christians should flee at once. “Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry,” I Cor. 10:14. If it becomes necessary to alter the consciousness (either by meditation or certain herbs or drugs) or perform rituals for the body, or any other thing that numbs the mind or senses, then the occult should be suspected.”

OK, so what if you are positive Rife deals only with “known” frequencies, resonance, and “known” laws of physics)? Let me share a few more points.

In the 1970s interview about Royal Rife John Hubbard interviews Ben Cullen, a man who knew Royal Rife for years. (,) The context of the website posting these interviews is one of support for Royal Rife and his work. In the interview, Ben says:

“I followed Rife every night. I went out to work with Rife. There was so much we could talk about in each other’s language that we communicated well. I was a journeyman and tool and die maker from England and Rife was 100% Scotch. I made a steady pilgrimage to Rife’s garage where we set up a shop with machinery to build his microscopes. Rife began to become deeply involved in bacteriology. We would discuss microorganisms. We began to install (in his workshop) equipment tools and machines.”

“In 1933, we began to build Rife’s third microscope, the big Universal Microscope. Rife also developed the Rife Ray Machine.”

Okay, so Ben obviously was someone who knew Royal Rife well. He speaks very highly of Dr. Rife and considered himself a good friend.

As the interview continues, you get to a part where Mr. Hubbard asks Ben Cullen:

Hubbard: (continuing)…Was Rife very religious?

Cullen: “Not too much, no. He was very psychic. He could draw from the ocean of mind – which I call it, another side – information about many things he couldn’t have in his conscious state. As I told you, when he wanted an answer he would put his pad and pencil by his bedside and between 11 and 2 o’clock he always got his answer.”

So, here we have a friend of Dr. Rife saying he perceived Dr. Rife as a “psychic.” Not only that, he says Rife actually received “answers to his questions” through automatic writing. While he was unconscious, sleeping, it magically showed up on the paper he placed by his bedside. For a Christian seeking healing, this is not a good foundation to build upon! I believe this interview validates what the entity said about Rife being clairvoyant. Rife’s own friend says he was psychic! The spiritualistic ties are too strong. Why would the entity say the whole basis for his machine was begun thru his clairvoyant ability to see the aura of the cell? Is this a lie? If so, why do all the psychics and New Ager’s get so excited about his contributions to vibrational medicine? Could it be that it’s because they feel he validated their occult theories about vibrations? This is what the entity said as well…that Rife found the vibratory force of all creation.

Please, prayerfully consider what I’m saying. While Rife may sound plausible, I believe it is built on a very wrong foundation. It actually has entities “being sent” to advocate the principles behind it and the work of Royal Rife. Now that in and of itself (in my opinion) should be cause to have nothing to do with it…whether it works, or not.

If you want a medical/scientific argument to consider, here are some statements in regard to the known physical principles of how Rife works posted on an on-line FORUM. Of course, you may disagree and say these guys don’t know what they are talking about, but at least take a look and see what you think. However, please don’t let these arguments side-track you from considering the whole spiritualistic side of it. Here is a cut-and-paste of their conversation:

As for the Rife machine, any device that will kill a cancer cell, bacteria, virus, or any other living matter via EMF (electromagnetic frequency) will kill a healthy cell as well. Not sure where you get the notion that EMF will only discriminate living matter we humans deem to be pests and not our own healthy cells. EMF is merely energy. It has no ability to destroy a bacteria just on the basis of it being infectious to humans.

The term “frequency” apparently has magical connotations for some people. I can say that light has a certain frequency, or that a microwave oven cooks with radiation of a certain frequency (or band of frequencies, actually, not just “one” discrete frequency), and so on. Most of us don’t understand light or electromagnetic radiation at all, although we talk about it, and we can measure it and make devices that generate it. In our minds, it’s easier for us to understand sound, and that’s where most of us get our understandings of “frequencies” and waves. We understand sound frequencies more easily, although sound is a mechanical wave, but we can say the same thing about sound: it has a certain frequency or frequencies. A particular piano key will play middle C.

We can measure these frequencies, such as in the case of something that is emitting electromagnetic radiation or sound. Measuring a frequency or frequencies that something emits is one thing, but to measure what something absorbs is a little bit more difficult sometimes. Scientists, being curious by nature, have actually measured the absorption spectra of living cells, beginning many decades ago, and what’s fascinating is that the art has progressed to the point of being able to track biochemical transformations within a living cell, such as where carotenoids are distributed. Those who postulate that microorganisms (or even cancer cells) have their own “frequencies” don’t get more specific than the amorphous term “frequency,” so I don’t know what they mean by that generally. Since a blue shirt will absorb light except for blue, which it reflects, if someone wants to know what the “frequency” is of that blue shirt, do they mean what it absorbs, what it reflects, or what?

Infrared radiation (IR) is composed of a wide spectrum of frequencies, and if we stand next to something emitting IR, we’re going to get warm, and you can’t describe us as having any one frequency or another.

Similarly, if you put a coffee cup and saucer on top of a bass speaker, you’ll discover that there is no “the” frequency that makes the coffee cup shake on its saucer, although experimentation might reveal that it shakes more at certain frequencies (i.e., that some kind of resonance exists.)

To look at a bacterium or fungus and say that it “has” some kind of “frequency” is puzzling to me. We have all manner of instruments in the laboratory that can measure what objects or substances can absorb or reflect, electromagnetically, as well as what they emit.

I’d like to know how you are going to say that a particular organism, let’s say a batch of Clostridium botulinum growing in your test tube, “has” some kind of “frequency.” Exactly what do you mean by that? How do you “know” if you start treating your test tube with various frequencies of radiation, whether microwave, radio, visual, or any of it, (or of sound, which, let us remember is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum), that any one particular frequency is “the frequency” of that organism?

The implicit assumption being made here (about the Rife machine) is that every single organism can be identified by a particular, unique frequency of radiation that will kill it, and it alone, so that, even when mixed among millions of bodily cells, a particular pathogen will up and die when the body it’s in is treated with that particular frequency.

This is a testable proposition. You could mix up some e. coli and some c. botulinum in a test tube, and treat that mix with various frequencies of radiation, so that eventually you would be able to say, oh yes, frequency X will kill the e. coli, and frequency Y will kill c. botulinum.

It is true that some radiation is lethal to everything, and that some species are more sensitive to some than to others. A bacterium that thrives near a volcanic vent would probably be much less sensitive to IR radiation than one found in the mold on your cheese that had been hiding in the back of your fridge for several months.

But to assert, not only that such particular wavelengths–“the” frequencies– exist, but that you can apply those particular frequencies to a human organism and have those “the” frequencies manifest themselves throughout an entire human organism so as to kill only a particular pathogen, while being totally inert to healthy cells, strikes me as a rather strange hypothesis. If all the organisms that you’re trying to kill are in one place, then that’s exactly what radiation therapy to treat cancer does: it kills only a particular set of cells, because the radiation only reaches the abnormal cells at which it is aimed (not really “only” the cancer cells, but mostly, since they can’t be 100% perfect in their aim.) And thermal therapy–the use of heat to kill invading organisms–is something that your body already uses; it’s called a fever, but it is not harmless to normal cells, since people can die from it. One form of radiation therapy, total body irradiation (TBI) uses the same principle: but it’s not harmless to normal cells either.


In summary, based on my own personal study (Genelle’s), there is definite cause for concern (from a spiritualistic perspective) in getting involved with Rife. Satan is so cunning! Even the very elect, if it were possible, will be deceived. Who are we to have confidence that we can spot these deceptions on our own? Sometimes the counsel of friends can be of great value. Prayer, pressing together, studying together can give light that we might not otherwise see.

Please consider me a friend who is simply being up-front with you about a concern I have and who is willing to risk upsetting you, in the hope that what I am sharing can be helpful to you. If I say nothing, I violate my own conscience. I know “I,” personally, have been fooled time and again, so I’ve learned to try to keep an open mind— recognizing it could still happen. Please consider the same in regards to yourself.

And consider this statement:

“I have been shown that Satan has not been stupid and careless these many years, since his fall, but has been learning. He has grown more artful. His plans are laid deeper, and are more covered with a religious garment to hide their deformity. The power of Satan now to tempt and deceive is ten-fold greater than it was in the days of the apostles. His power has increased, and it will increase, until it is taken away.” 2SG 277

In the case of Rife, there is a background of spiritualism, in Rife’s own personal life. The scientific community at large says his machine has NOT passed known tests about the laws of physics and how the machine works within these laws. Additionally, it has not demonstrated consistent results. Is this just conspiracy to cover it up, or could there actually be merit to the statements? Is it possible that Rife’s machine could not produce consistent results because it was based on an energy premise that known science cannot prove? If so, this false concept about subtle energy & healing from within is what Satan’s having a heyday with in the alternative healing world right now. That energy concept is pure spiritualism at its core. It is hard to pick-up because it is now “veiled 10-fold,” due to Satan’s cunning ways of presenting it as scientific and plausible.

Who are WE? Couldn’t we be duped into thinking healing that we’ve played a part in—is coming directly from God’s power when in fact it is coming straight from the opposite? Many Godly people have been “put to the test,” failed, and not realized it. And thankfully, there are those who HAVE realized it, later, and re-directed their efforts to align with all of God’s principles. Please continue to test all things. I know you know this and probably feel you have thoroughly tested Rife.

But in this case, when I test it out, I find more than a semblance of spiritualism connected to it. Because of that, I believe there is not safety in using it. We are no match for Satan’s ingenuity. This I know: God does not combine His efforts with Satan. Never, will He combine His methods of healing with eastern, pagan, or spiritualistic roots. The two simply cannot coexist! Yes, people involved with the occult have invented things we use today, such as Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb while also inventing a “phone to contact the dead”. Should we use lightbulbs? Yes. Does that mean we’re involved with spiritualism? No. How about the fact that many of the early physicists who are credited with scientific finds were involved with spiritualism? Do we throw out their scientific finds? It depends on what we know about how it works. Definite caution in this particular area is needed because of the cross-over into the spiritualistic.

A lightbulb works off of known laws of physics, which can be tested and proven. A phone that contacts the dead does not. Which one is safe to use? An inventor who develops something that can be tested and proven has an invention that doesn’t work off a spiritualistic principle. An invention that cannot be tested and proven, AND which also has spiritualistic principles tied to how it works, is not safe to use, in my opinion.

Here is the best example I can find at present to illustrate this:

“Of course, as Einstein explained in his Leyden lecture in 1920, the “ether” of general relativity is profoundly different from the old luminiferous aether of the classical theory of electromagnetism, because the latter was conceived to exist within space and time, whereas the former actually is space and time.”

This explains how Einstein’s theory was proven to exist “within space and time”. The other theories crossed over to actually being space and time — the spiritualistic concept. Perhaps, in the case of Rife, you would say: “The man may be spiritualistic, but his machine is not; the frequencies it works off of are known and established.” Well, I guess that’s the big question to determine.

Because of what I read about the vibrations he actually identified being synonymous with a spiritualistic teaching of energy and frequencies, I would throw up a big flag of caution and ask you, my friend, to please pray about this. Can Rife’s occult bent (using automatic writing to get answers), the spiritualistic purpose of his work (going beyond known science…creating greater self-realization), and the frequencies & vibrations he discovered (said by an entity to be based on the aura of the cell) be separated to where his science is completely sound? How a lightbulb and an MRI machine works is now proven and clear to all in the scientific world. How Rife’s machine works is STILL not proven nor clear to the scientific community. His laws of resonance somehow work beyond what science is already using in this field.

I simply ask you to take on the full armor of God and be sure you are proceeding in a way that is in harmony with what is written in the scriptures, and counsel from the Spirit of Prophecy. Please pray about this. I truly care about you. I’m not passing any kind of judgement on you for your use of Rife. I take no issue with you as a person and in what you are trying to do in the field of health. I applaud your efforts to step out in helping others while other people sit back and do nothing. I only ask you to sincerely question the whole Rife thing. If you find you are wrong, confess it, and go forward in humility and obedience to God’s Word.

May God lead each of us and give us discernment. We all want to be on the right side of the fence and not found “wanting”.


To the Network: 1-9-20

This dispatch deals with the subject of Radionics, that of divination aided by a machine. Royal Rife developed a machine in the 1930’s which he claimed as being able to cure cancer as well as other diseases. This machine since that time has been promoted by lay people. It has never been accepted by the medical community as they have not seen the results claimed. Many of you have never heard of it, however in every audience in the USA that I have given seminars exposing spiritualism in healing modalities I find people who either have this machine or have belief in such. I had a close relative who owned one and proclaimed its supposed merits.

The machine’s proponents claim it can diagnose as well as treat disease. The explanation for its proclaimed abilities is that all organs of the body have a certain “electro-magnetic vibration” and when the vibrations are in discord there is disease, which the machine can detect and then impart back a vibration into the body giving correction and return of health.

Additional teaching is that cancer is the result of an infection with either bacteria, virus, or a fungus. The machine is supposed to be able to kill all disease producing bacteria, virus, and fungus without adversely harming normal bacteria or body cells. An absurdity.

It is true that certain viruses are connected with initiation of cancer and aflatoxin from mold comes aflatoxin a strong cancer initiator. When these products are present and induce a change of a cell into a cancer cell they do not stay around with the cancer. They are long gone and the cancer cell continues to multiply out of control. The idea is promoted that if a cancer tumor is present there are bacteria, virus, or fungus still there causing it to grow and if those organisms are eliminated the cancer will resolve and a cure is accomplished. Wishful thinking, but false.

The concept of vibrations coming from all entities such as body organs, etc. comes from the pagan pantheistic story of origins. Wherein a great dualistic cosmic force came to a state of ONENESS and all creations occurred. The first aspect of creation was a vibration producing the sound of “OUM” and all creation therefore omit a vibration peculiar to it alone. The neo-pagan’s wrongly attempt to tie this concept into quantum physics. It is just not there.

This article I am sending is by Genelle Pepple, a nurse who is an excellent researcher in the field of the occult. More articles by Genelle can be found on my web site just click on “read book” and there will open a page with a section with her articles.

The entire concept of this therapy is built upon accepting the teachings of pantheism.

Edwin Noyes