Question from Adventist lady about EMF radiation – and protection devices?

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Wed, May 1, 2019 at 6:23 PM
Eric Wilson <>
To: Edwin Noyes <>, “Edwin A. Noyes” <>

Good evening Edwin,

Here is the original question from M……. about the science vs. the spiritual products that claim to help “shield” the body from EMF (from cell phones, ipads, computers, ect.).

I have also included my response below her initial question. If you are able to give some counsel to me that I may share it will be greatly appreciated.

note: I also think that this would be a great question to address on our website. For the concerns of EMF radiation on human health are growing rapidly right now.

Thank you again, and may our Saviour bless and keep you this week abundantly strengthened with “all might* according to His glorious power !”

your friend and brother,

Hi Eric,

Because of my sensitivity to wireless some of my friends have told me about the protection that they have purchased to put on their phones. In looking at one of them I could see right away that the power is from chi, but this one I do not know how to show where the power is coming from.

believe that it is not from a good source, but do not know how to show it. Here is the website. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated. I do not want to get mixed up in using something from the enemy’s kingdom and I would like to be able to tell others the truth.

Here is the link:


On 4/30/19
Eric Wilson <> wrote:

Hi M……….,

I would not recommend using any item from this company. The very name “gia” is the earth goddess, or “mother earth. And when you read their website almost all of their products combine spiritual with physical electrical elements.

They are also using “pendants,” and bracelets to protect the person from EMF radiation. And they even admit this connection with the Hindu term “chakras.”

I believe it is possible to protect oneself from much of the EMF radiation which is around us. But I would look at something more along the lines of the site below. Also, do as much research as possible, on what actually is working within the product to help reduce or eliminate the EMF near you. How does the product actually work?

As I find out more, I will send you updates.

Options –

1:43 AM (17 hours ago)
Jim Brackett
to me Ed

There has been extensive research on the “cell phone” radiation and cancer connection. The bottom line is that it is not an issue. A brief explanation is that some studies show a tiny bit less head/brain cancer and a recent study showed a very tiny increase. When this kind of result is seen it is clearly simply tiny statistical fluctuations and doesn’t begin to reach the realm of real danger. The idea of shielding and the products one can purchase on the web to “protect” us are simply unfounded and purely a play on the public’s lack of knowledge with the nature of emf (electro-magnetic radiation).

Depending on the basic scientific knowledge someone has, it could take some serious time to help the average lay person to grasp the issues. The lecture I gave in our last session which you (Ed Noyes) heard is an example of the basic grasp one needs to see why the likelihood of injury is so minute. The short answer, though not very well comprehended by the average person, is that the energy in the microwaves emitted by cell phones is hundreds of times less than, for example, the infra-red radiation from the sun which is less than the energy of visible light and less than a fifth of the energy in UV light which might cause sunburn on the skin.

Light waves, which are far more energetic than cell phone emissions, are absorbed very near the skin surface meaning that all their energy is converted into heat at the surface. The cell phone emissions pass right through the body losing only the tiniest fraction of their energy to the body–so the possibility of damage is incredibly small!

The cell phone, of course, is warm to hot as the internal electronics use battery energy to create the emissions, the display and power the logic circuits we benefit from by using “apps.” It is far more likely that the heat might in some very small way contribute to metabolic issues that could alter physiology and create some kind of disease condition than emf waves which pass through our tissue, again, losing very very little energy. But even this is unlikely any more than if a portion of the body was kept warmer than normal because, for example, we washed our hands in warm to hot water for an extended period many times a day.

There are always those who play on our ignorance and convince us we need their useless products — they seem to be interested in our welfare but their real purpose is to enrich their bank accounts.

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Mon, May 6, 11:32 PM (6 hours ago)
Will Baron <>
to me, Magna, Kok, Eric

Hi Edwin & Team:
The background graphic alone on the “” home page (behind the word “Welcome”) is enough to give one the creeps, as it is obviously picturing someone practicing deep mystical transcendental meditation. With the site’s domain name containing the word “Gia”, which I’m sure is a plug on Gaia, the pagan Greek goddess of Mother Earth, there is every reason to avoid this website and its products.

in Him,

By Edwin Noyes

There are lifelong EMFs within our bodies from the heart, brain, entire nervous system. Those EMFs do not produce ionizing rays. These EMFs are observed by electrocardiographs, encephalographs, and electromyography which are routine methods of analyzing those body structures. We have no concern that they cause adverse effects such as cancer.

The link below adds some additional understanding to the unlikely adverse effects of EMF from phones, computers, etc. Not until we get into the B section of ultraviolet, and xrays, and gamma rays do we have reason to be concerned. This article below has been placed on the Internet by a company selling instruments for measuring low wave frequencies (non ionizing).