By  Edwin A. Noyes M.D., MPH

A response I frequently encounter is: “Well, I only take the good out.”  These individuals strongly claim to avoid any physical or mental connection with the Eastern world view from which these spiritistic practices based in astrology arise.  Often these remarks are from pious conservative Christians.  It is easy to understand their positions as many of us have had at one time some degree of the same mind-set.  However, with a deeper understanding of the deceptive nature of practices of supposedly healing therapies so popular today that belief fades.  Conversations with those who were once believers and partakers of the Eastern world-view and its proclaimed healing modalities as to what led them into those concepts reveals it often was a “benign practice” or the viewpoint “that there was no spiritual danger.”

The response featured above is also discussed in other publications that expose these non-scientific therapies and practices that have their origin out of the devils armory.  One such book Medications and Meditations in the New Age (a book written by a Catholic for Catholics) by Michael Prabhu of Chennai, India who also speaks of the frequency of similar comments he has received during the many years of his of unmasking satanic deceptions in health and healing. That author speaks of the comments of individuals who respond back with “But I’m not worshiping other gods!” after it was revealed to them that those acts they were practicing were specifically designed to connect them with false deities.  However, their acceptance of the particular action/therapy was based upon their belief that there was benefit from it.  Expecting benefit from a particular practice that has for its explanation for healing is its “Life Force”/ pantheistic power, is in turn accepting the premise.

In 1987 the Biblical Research Committee of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist took for study the relationship Seventh-day Adventists should have with the New Age Movement and its teachings.  One of the subjects they studied was this idea that one can take the “good out” of a millennia long satanic worship practice without adverse influence.  The following paragraphs are taken from that report.

The technique is neutral. It is argued that a holistic health practitioner may interpret its use in one manner; the Christian healer may interpret it use in another manner.

“Our study of this subject concludes that a technique distinctively linked to an occult-mystical background cannot be treated as neutral. For example, no Christian can regard the Ouija board as neutral.  This is a distinctive occult instrument that will always be linked with demonic powers of spiritism.

“Psychometry and the use of the pendulum are other examples of distinctive occult procedures.  Apart from an occult-mystical explanation they are irrational.  They make sense only in the occult context.  As admitted by their advocates, these methods are examples of psychic healing that can never be explained on a scientific basis.  It takes a psychic or someone sensitive to developing psychic powers actually to achieve healing by these means.”    https://healthandspirituality.info/faith-spirituality/new-age-critique/

In this author’s experience over the past 25 years the most common practice from which comes the comment “I just take the good out” is yoga, yoga exercises and stretching and the practice of tai chi. There is common belief that just doing exercise is not partaking in any way of the spiritual component.  This attitude, belief, practice is at times also applied to other healing and wellness practices which have a similar back ground history.

Yoga & Exercises:

Just Exercise? Former Yogi Says Spiritual Effects of Yoga Occur Spontaneously

Posted on April 7, 2014 by SBrinkmann

“This guest blog has been written by Connie J. Fait, a former Tibetan nun, yogi, and head of a Tibetan Buddhist Temple who spent 40 years steeped in the practice and study of the yogic traditions before returning to her native Catholicism.

In this blog, she carefully explains why the effects of yoga can occur whether or not we will it or think we’re “just doing the exercises.”

In the past 40-45 years we in the West have assimilated many Eastern healing practices like acupuncture, martial arts, meditation, yoga and its exercises, etc., with minimal knowledge of their spiritual trappings.  Yoga and its asanas (postures) are not physical fitness acts, they are components for the worship of pagan deities.  The quotations below are taken from the article listed above.

“The knowledge of the Yogic Tradition is deeply hidden in mystery, and only understood by   accomplished yogis who have passed on those secrets orally to one another for 5000 years.  Yoga asanas are recognized as the main tool to realizing these secrets and is accomplished only through a process of experience. Anyone who is doing yoga asanas is in that same process – whether or not they are aware of it or intend it.”

“The Yoga asanas are the basis for the theology of Hinduism. In the beginning, the first recluse yogis sat yearning for union with their believed creator Brahman.  While sitting in mystical altered states, they began experiencing the spontaneous movements called kriyas, which later became the asanas we know today. While perfecting these asanas, yogis would experience high meditative states during which they experienced gods and deities who appeared to them, moving their bodies into postures/kriyas, and so created the names of some yoga poses as gods or deities…

“Meditation is never taught as it is also a result of the perfection of the asanas and alleged prana moving in the body, which leads to experiencing the meditative states and eventually ultimate Union with Brahman, gods and deities, or demons.

“It is important for those who love to do yoga asanas because they believe it’s only exercise to understand what they are involved with.  In their zealous quest for perfection of these poses, it will be just a matter of time before the pranayama aspect will spontaneously occur without ever actually being taught it.

Pranayama is the spiritual aspect of yoga. It is hidden, unseen by normal vision and occurs as a result of doing the asanas. Everyone experiences pranayama during the asanas poses to some greater or lesser degree. This is why the spiritual aspect of yoga, which is experienced through the prana, can never be separated from the asanas, no matter who you pray to.  When the pranayama aspect starts to occur it is the beginning of the spiritual yogic induction for people practicing asanas.  Some of the most frequent troubling signs that can occur when experiencing pranayama are: physical blockages resulting in un-diagnosable pain, sometime debilitating; intense body heat; loss of normal life activities; mental/emotional disturbances; and psychotic breaks. These are just some of the signs of kundalini activation.

“What is so frightening about this is that no one, especially not the one who is doing the asanas, has any idea of what’s causing their symptoms when in crisis. A very common form of yoga asanas known as Hatha Yoga is in the top six yoga forms known to facilitate kundalini (latent serpent power coiled in the pelvis).  All people will experience some of these – it’s just a matter of when.”

“In the mystical occult teachings of yoga it is the stretching poses which open the subtle body to activate the kundalini. Other poses will induce levels of meditation states which open one up to unite with Hindu deities.

“Iyengar Yogacharia said, the ‘mere’ practice of asana has the potential to induce a meditative state.(2)  This spontaneously occurs based on each unique individual and can happen at any unpredictable time from early in practice for a novice to one who is very advanced.

“In conclusion, since all effects of yoga asanas are not a personally willed experience, they only occur spontaneously. Clearly, the willful act to practice any of the asanas is predictably dangerous for one’s body, mind and soul.” (Emphasis added)

Let Us Reason Ministries placed an article about yoga on the In­ternet entitled “Yoga Today’s Lifestyle for Health.” The author of the article, once a practitioner of yoga, tells of becoming involved in yoga meditation as a result of practicing the yoga exercise positions. He cau­tions us that the physical yoga is not separate from the whole of Eastern Metaphysics.  The response that so often comes from participants of yoga exer­cise is that they are only doing “stretching exercises.” What could be wrong or dangerous with that? The answer is given by the author of the article submitted by Let Us Reason Ministries:

“The poses that they so diligently practice in their stretching are named after Hindu Gods, and what one is actually doing, is call­ing on them. In that worshipful pose, they are bowing and for all intents and purposes worshipping that god. Our God says: ‘You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God.” (emphasis added)
http://www.letusreason.org/NAM1.htm p.1

We need to severe any connection with Satan’s various wiles.  Ellen White was asked as to whether it was appropriate to even consult medical practitioners that had spiritualistic bents.  The following quotation is a short segment of her answer but will suffice for this article.

From time to time I have received letters from both ministers and lay-members of the church, inquiring if I think it wrong to consult spiritualist and clairvoyant physicians. So numerous are these agents of Satan becoming, and so general is the practice of seeking council from them, that it seems needful to utter words of warning.

God has placed it in our power to obtain a knowledge of the laws of health. He has made it a duty to preserve our physical powers in the best possible condition, that we may render to him acceptable service. Those who refuse to improve the light and knowledge that have been mercifully placed within their reach, are rejecting one of the means which God has granted them to promote spiritual as well as physical life. They are placing themselves where they will be exposed to the delusions of Satan.  {CTBH 111.2}

Not a few in this Christian age and Christian nation resort to evil spirits, rather than trust to the power of the living God. The mother, watching by the sick-bed of her child, exclaims, “I can do no more. Is there no physician who has power to restore my child?” She is told of the wonderful cures performed by some clairvoyant or magnetic healer, and she trusts her dear one to his charge, placing it as verily in the hands of Satan as if he were standing by her side. In many instances the future life of the child is controlled by a satanic power which it seems impossible to break.  {CTBH 111.3}

Many of the wellness practices such as yoga exercises, tai chi, and Pilates which are often referred to as “movement exercises” are conducted by individuals who are involved into the deeper occultic healing arts or the spiritual aspect.  There is danger in the association with these instructors, as they have influence.  Such an influence may be of more danger to lead one toward the Eastern world view than the specific practice of some therapuetic discipline.

The question arises; how can I tell if the practitioner I am seeing for medical help is connected to occultic therapies?  One thing for sure is that if there are signs on the premise that list such practices like the pictures below you have your answer before you even enter the office.  It may be necessary to ask the practitioner’s opinion on certain therapies to gain his/her perspective. Appropriate questions to fit the situation and practitioner need be given careful thought to and a payer for guidance.