Tue, Mar 5, 5:42 PM (3 days ago)
Eric Wilson
to Ed Noyes

Good evening Edwin,

Yes, in almost every location that I have shared a series, when I have asked about karate or martial arts participation, the reply has been on average about 10-15%.

But when asked how many have had any involvement with any of the eastern alternative or “holistic” therapies ( i.e. acupuncture, reiki, iridology, aromatherapy, etc.), the answer has been close to 35-40%.

And this makes perfect sense, once we realize that the last message of mercy to go to this world, is the Loud Cry of the righteousness of Christ by faith alone. And our sister Ellen White assured us, that the Health Message from God’s Word is verily the right arm of that last message.

For with out victory over appetite, she warns that it is impossible for a Christian to even understand the miracle of what was done for us on Calvary, and to appropriate by faith the righteousness of Christ Jesus as verily their own!

May our Lord and Saviour bless and keep you this week, and I also ask for and thank you for lifting my family and I in your prayers !

Your friend and brother in Him,

We know that many who have tried a therapy have chosen not to continue as they did not feel right about it, many have told me this. However, the number of sincere conservative Christians who have belief and trust in some discipline based in pantheistic dogma is too many and we need to sound a warning. We need everyone to be a watchman on the wall and to sound the warning trumpet as the enemy is over the wall into the camp. This is a life (eternal) and death (eternal) contest.