To the Health and Spirituality Research Network,

The subject of this dispatch may not have as wide an interest as some of the others we have shared, however it is important. The subject is martial arts, which also includes tai chi. Martial arts tend to attract youth and younger men while tai chi the more mature adults. Some of you may be wondering how these practices fit into the overall interest of mystical encroachment into health and healing.

Eric Wilson, a member of the leadership team for the network, shares his experience of 25 years as a student then instructor in martial arts. He achieved black belts in seven different disciplines, and then experienced a spiritual conversion which gradually brought him into an understanding of the true nature and force behind these arts.

I do not anticipate that those of the network are presently involved, but we all may at some time have the opportunity to give warning to others that have developed such an interest. To have available information that makes clear the spiritual danger connected with these activities could be useful. I am sending a link to a video that shares his story. For additional information go to his web site, see below:

The Dragon Revealed! – PART I

Alpha & Omega Series – PART IV

Spiritual Dangers Enlarged Upon

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