From: Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing by Edwin A. Noyes M.D.

Appendix C – A Critique of:



The motto of Loma Linda School of Medicine, To Make Man Whole, refers to man as a physical/mental/spiritual being. In the past thirty or more years the term, holistic medicine, has become a common expression. It too refers to a body/mind/spirit relationship. However, there is a difference between the two expressions. We need to look at the teachings, as to the origin of man, to understand this difference.

The Biblical story of man’s creation tells us of a living Being, God, the Source of life, who formed man from dust of the earth and breathed into him the breath of life.

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth. (Psalm 33:6 NKJV).

To make man whole is to direct man to live in harmony with God’s physical laws, as well as His spiritual laws.

The word holistic refers to being in harmony with the world of nature, including the god of pantheism. In chapter 4 of Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing, the pagan’s view of creation is presented in brief. That theory tells us in very simplistic terms, that the creation of man and the universe came about through evolution of a god-force. This allowed every entity of the universe to be a part of each other, as each is a part of this god-force, (also known as vital force, chi, prana, universal energy, and a hundred other terms). The theory contends that all matter is made up of primordial energy and/or light and that material substance is frozen light. 1) Gerber, Richard, M.D., Vibrational Medicine, The #1 Handbook of Subtle- Energy Therapies, Bear & Company, Rochester, Vermont, 2001, p. 59. This vital energy is said to be of contrasting divisions, positive/negative, masculine/feminine, yang/ yin, and is also considered to possess vibrational (frequency) energy characteristics. Each substance, animate and inanimate, is supposed to emit an electromagnetic vibrational frequency peculiar to it alone. 2) Ibid., p. 171.

Holistic medicine refers to the teaching of and/or use of various treatment methods for illnesses that form healing methods based on this theory. This concept has its origin and propagation from Eastern religions and Western occultism’s theosophy, and has not been verified by present day science.

The basis of vibrational energetics as a method of diagnosing and treating disease along with use of acupuncture, qi gong exercises, pulse diagnosis, etc., is a result of an attempt to connect and blend pantheistic healing methods with modern science.

Richard Gerber, M.D. , is recognized as a prominent advocate of this movement. In 2001 he published his third edition of Vibrational Medicine, The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies. The prior editions had sold more than 125,000 copies. The purpose of his book is to foster the belief that the ancient paganistic systems of healing are nothing more than, when understood, extensions of present day scientific methods. Dr. Gerber and other authors of similar texts readily acknowledge that their hypotheses and theories are not in harmony with the present understanding of the sciences of medicine, physics, and chemistry. The goal of Dr. Gerber is to close this gap in understanding.

Dr. Gerber is to be lauded for aspiring to more natural methods in health and healing that will depend less on pharmaceuticals and more on our own systems to correct disorders. He is highly trained in internal medicine, and states that he still finds it necessary to use the knowledge and methods for treatment from his specialty training. However, his book leads in a direction that a Christian must ponder and question. As I read the preface to this 600 page book I am impressed that Dr. Gerber has a deep belief in Eastern mysticism, and his writings purpose to convince the reader that it is truth.

During his medical school days Dr. Gerber enrolled in a class called A Course in Miracles, which changed his spiritual viewpoint. He tells us that as he went further in the course he began to awaken psychic abilities within himself. The comment is made that he understood that:

“A Course in Miracles” had been dictated via a psychic or by telepathic means to a psychologist from a “high spiritual source.” 3) Ibid., p. 29.

As a result of his study of The Course in Miracles, and from other reading, two concepts developed in his mind. First, humans are more than just physical beings–they are also spiritual beings with consciousness on higher planes than recognized in this life and that this higher mental state continues after death. Secondly:

There are those ‘in Spirit’ who seek to communicate with individuals still in physical incarnation. 4) Ibid., p. 31.

These communications are said to be twofold in nature: 1) To make us aware of life after death; and 2) to relay information that pertains to:

…healing, soul growth, and personal spiritual evolution. 5) Ibid.

Curiosity had been awakened in him by this new knowledge and he sought a deeper understanding of “technical channeled information” from spirit channeled sources. Dr. Gerber shares with us the fact that he and his wife are clairvoyant. He states:

I would like to point out to the readers of Vibrational Medicine that I believe this book is the result of cooperation between healers and researchers on the physical plane and beings who exist on the higher spiritual planes. This cooperation has made possible the transmission of a wealth of information that is needed on the planet at this time. Many of the sections of this book are actually ‘messages from spirit’ channeled through various sources. 6) Ibid., p. 37.

Vibrational medicine does not arise from research in science that reveals the human system to have focalized areas of electromagnetic energy (chakras, see chapter 7) that in turn produces an aura outside of the body. Nor does research find specialized channels (acupuncture meridian system) throughout the body that carries a non-measurable, non-demonstrable energy (chi, qi) that can be manipulated by pressure or needling particular points on the body. There has been no reporting of energy faster than light. Yet these beliefs, which are a result of messages from spirits by channeled sources and from ancient pagan religious dogma, form the basic principles of vibrational medicine. Much of this theory has already been presented in this book. My purpose for this appendix is to show that by accepting even fragments of this teaching as true, it can initiate change in our world view (concepts of our origin and destiny), and to which power we place our allegiance. Dr. Gerber in chapter 3 of his book uses the title, The Birth of Vibrational Medicine. Herein is presented the prediction that conventional medical/surgical medicine will experience a revolution and electromagnetic healing will take its place. This will occur as physicians understand,

…that the human organism is a series of interacting multidimensional energy fields. 7) Ibid., p. 91.

A presentation and illustration of the proclaimed seven different frequency levels of universal energy is given in chapter 5 of this book. Level 1, refers to all matter (substance) in the universe; 2nd level, etheric and astral bodies; 3rd level, mental and causal bodies; and progresses upward to level seven. This level has several names such as Supreme Self, Jewel, etc. (the level of god-hood). These different frequency levels are said to make connection with the different levels of chakras, the higher frequency level of energy which are said to connect with the respective higher chakra.

Dr. Gerber explains this relationship as follows: The chakras act as transformers converting energy (hypothesized to be) traveling at a far greater speed than light to a slower speed; the top chakra receives, then converts the highest energy frequency, level seven, to the next lower chakra and again the frequency is reduced by that chakra. 8) Ibid., p. 171 This reduction of frequency may continue downward strengthening each chakra until the energy frequency is converted to the speed of light, which is level 1 (the materialized physical body). These chakras (transformers) are said to also act in the opposite direction, transforming energy frequency upward via the chakras, this is accomplished through meditation. By many life times of meditation the seventh frequency level may be perfected, resulting in “god-hood.”

Remember, the lowest level of energy is that of which all material substance is said to consist of. The next level, ethereal, is believed to be an electromagnetic template of the physical body and guides growth and restoration. Changes or influences on the etheric body or energy supposedly precedes and effects changes either positively or negatively in the physical body. 9) Karagulla, S., Energy Fields and Medical Diagnosis, in The Human Aura, ed. N. Regush (New York:Berkeley Publishing, 1974); Reported in Richard Gerber M.D., Vibrational Medicine 3rd Ed, Bear and Company, Rochester, Vermont, (2001), p. 126. At these etheric and higher levels of frequencies, the belief is that outside electromagnetic fields influence a person’s electromagnetic bodies. Such influences are said to restore balance to the etheric and other bodies, and in turn, health to the physical body. Dr. Gerber quotes a psychic source:

There is a direct link between the nervous, circulatory, and meridian systems (acupuncture pathways) partly because ages ago, the meridians were originally used to create these two parts of the physical body. Consequently, anything that influences one of these systems has a direct impact on the other two areas. The meridians use the passageway between the nervous and circulatory systems to feed the life force into the body, almost extending directly to the molecular level. The meridians are the interface or doorway between the physical and ethereal properties of the body. 10) Gurudas, Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, channeled by Kevin Ryerson (Albuquerque, NM: Brotherhood of Life, Inc., 1983), p. 29; Reported in, Richard Gerber M.D., Vibrational Medicine 3rd Ed., (2001), p. 126. (Italics added by Dr. Gerber)

From the book Vibrational Medicine, I read:

All matter, both physical and subtle [etheric, astral bodies, etc.] has frequency. Matter of different frequencies can coexist in the same space, just as energies of different frequencies (i.e., radio and TV) can exist nondestructively in the same space. 11) Gerber, op. cit., p. 171.

From this concept various alternative healing methods claim to affect health by their vibrational properties, such as flower essences, aromatherapy, gem elixirs, color therapy, sound therapy, homeopathy, and subtle energies from plant food. The concept is that subtle vibrational frequencies (faster than light energy) of plants, gems, colors etc., can be transferred to the chakras. Through homeopathy, vibrations are claimed to be transferred via the water used in dilution in preparing the homeopathic remedy, even if there are no molecules of the original substance left in the solution due to dilution. 12) Ibid., pp. 88–89. Dr. Gerber illustrates in a diagram: the relationship of flower essences, which are supposed to have a high frequency of energy and influence the higher chakras and, in turn, consciousness; gem elixirs (solutions of ground up gemstones) tend to influence the middle and lower level chakras; while homeopathy is said to affect primarily the acupuncture meridian system which is said to connect the higher energy levels to the physical body. 13) Ibid., p. 272.

Vibrational Medicine, Chapter VIII, “The Phenomenon of Psychic Healing,” presents the history of the origin of Therapeutic Touch. It is believed to exist on the hypothesis that subtle energy is sensed by and/or passed through hands to another person even without actual physical contact. The explanation for psychic healing is that the mind of the therapist can pass healing vibrational frequencies of subtle energy from him/herself to another person over distance. 14) Ibid., p. 287.

Another common practice in alternative medicine is the use of machines or instruments that are purported to measure and/or correct subtle energy frequencies within the body. There are two different instruments that are used to measure the energy of acupuncture meridians and their points: one is called, AMI machine, which is supposed to reveal an imbalance (yin/yang) in the acupuncture meridian system; and another machine that is referred to as the VOL machine (Electroacupuncture According to Voll), and measures subtle energy of individual meridian channels and/or acupuncture points. The operators of this machine claim it is able to reveal the energy status of specific organs, even to the ability of an organ, such as the pancreas, to form its specific digestive enzymes, lipase, protease, etc. 15) Ibid., p. 207. The VOL machine goes beyond diagnosing energy imbalance, it is said to be capable of finding the cause of imbalance as well as possible cures. 16) Ibid., pp. 206–208.

An additional style of instrument frequently used in alternative medicine since the early 1900’s is referred to as a “radionic black box.” Such a machine is said to accurately diagnosis various subtle energy level dysfunctions. The successful use of these instruments depends upon the “psychic ability,” known as “Radiaesthesia,” of the radionic practitioner. A substance referred to as “a witness” from the patient, such as hair, a spot of blood on paper, a picture of the patient, some object handled by the person, etc., will be placed in the instrument for analysis of the body’s energy-balance. Also, a substance, a witness, can be sent long distances for analysis without loss of accuracy. If a spot of blood were to be sent for examination, that blood spot could continue to reflect the current energy status of that person without need for fresh samples. The substance sent for inspection provides a two-way link with the practitioner and patient so that not only the subtle (faster than light) energy status of the patient is revealed over distance, but the practitioner is able to return healing energies with the proper frequency to bring healing. 17) Ibid., p. 235.

There are other instruments that may be encountered that operate on the vibrational hypothesis such as the Homo Vibra Ray and Rife Beam Ray machines. Both of these are promoted as capable of making a diagnosis by analysis of frequencies and provide treatment by correcting the same. It is interesting that Dr. Gerber considers these various instruments as “electronic pendulums.”

Dr. Gerber looks to a Dr. William Tiller, a retired former professor at Stanford University and former chairman of the Department of Materials Science at Stanford:

…as perhaps the leading theorist in the subtle energetic field. 18) bid., pp. 151, 155–171

He credits him for the hypothesis of energy frequency faster than light, (1010-20 times the speed of light for astral travel). Dr. Tiller has coined a new word to describe subtle energy, magnetoelectric energy, which is just another synonym for universal energy.

Astral travel, out of body experiences, near death experience, life after death, reincarnation, higher consciousness, Supreme Self, “god-hood”, are all explained on the hypothesis of universal energy and its supposed various frequency levels. The ultimate deception of what this mode of thought leads to is best illustrated by the following quote from Dr. Gerber.

People through the centuries have accepted Jesus as the one true son of God. This is, in fact, a misinterpretation. What Jesus came to teach us is that we are all the children of God. …we who are the evolving souls or fragments of God’s consciousness are divine brainchildren. 19) Ibid., pp. 493–494.

That’s it, the end of the journey, from partaking of the fruit from the tree to god-hood.

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. (Genesis 3:5).

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12).

Is it possible that we could be accepting these spiritualistic teachings by participating in the healing modalities built upon this premise? They were not included in the healing methods presented to this body of Seventh-day Adventist believers in 1863. The system of universal energy was already millennia old at that time but the only mention of this system was to beware of it. We cannot serve two masters, we must make a choice. We have been blessed with heaven sent directions for health and healing. Time and science have verified that it is the correct way, so why look to “Baalzebub, god of Ekron” to seek guidance? When Joshua took the children of Israel into Canaan he challenged them with the following words:

And if it seems evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. (Joshua 29:15)


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